roadside assistance



Roadside Assistance

GarageOnRoad provides 24X7 Roadside Assistance services without testing your patience. We will reach you within minutes and clear the issue.

Flat Tyre

In certain cases, you will be left with a flat tire. This can happen if the car has stumbled on any hard object or the tire has worn out due to poor maintenance. The situation can be more frustrating if you don’t have anyone to help. We can help you by arranging the apt professionals to change your car tire with the spare tire in your vehicle. Nevertheless, if you don’t have one with you, then we can provide you with the same and solve the issue.


At some point in time, as a vehicle owner, you have to deal with a battery jumpstart service. This can be a very odd situation that leaves you stranded on the road and finding the right assistance during those situations is essential. At GarageOnRoad, we provide a Jumpstart service to get you moving. When you contact us, we immediately dispatch one of our mechanics to your spot for urgent assistance. 

Accidental Recovery

We also offer incredible accidental recovery that you may need on those nasty days of accidents. Our service is quick, reliable, and convenient. This ensures we will have someone out to help or heal as soon as possible, no matter where you are.

Electrical Repair

The electrical system of your car is a complex network that requires advanced diagnostic technology and equipment for proper servicing. These tools are mostly accessible only through experienced technicians. 

Our Mechanics are Available in